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Why does Hotel Around Town Manage Properties in Edinburgh?

Hotel Around Town offers all necessary services for property management in Edinburgh including property appraisal, styling consultation and insurance guidance. Within our service, we make sure that the property you own is aimed at the right people and is properly marketed.

For a property owner, wishing to earn some money from their house, apartment or flat, but not wanting to enter into long term leasing the process of short term rental seems attractive. However, as described here there is a substantial amount of preparation and commitment required to make that successful.

Realising that owners may find this intimidating, Rebecca Webster decided to offer her skills and experience of property management to landlords and set up Hotel Around Town to provide this help. What kind of services do Hotel Around Town offer?

Property Appraisal

Before any letting can start, the landlord needs a good advice about the suitability of their property for short term rental. Hotel Around Town offers a full appraisal of prospective properties and advises about any changes that may be required for success. There is no charge for this initial survey.

Styling Consultation for Your Property

To get the best return on investment for your property it is important to make sure it looks good and is attractive to tenants. Hotel Around Town, from their wide experience of property management, can give guidance about how to get your place that “Wow!” factor, that brings tenants back.

property management styling consultation

All That Legal Stuff!

There are many laws, regulations and bylaws that affect short let property, many of which carry heavy penalties for non-observance. Owners thinking of starting to let may find understanding, and fulfilling, all of these requirements quite daunting, so it is good news that Hotel Around Town provides detailed guidance about this aspect of property management. Fire safety, insurance, accessibility requirements, and many other topics are included in this advice.

A Great Listing, and More Information

As part of their property management service Hotel Around Town will create a listing for your property that will really make it stick out from the crowd. That’s the first stage of giving the tenant the best reason for making the booking.

Once they arrive they will find details of how to use the property, local attractions, restaurants, shops, maps and lots more information, put together into a guide book. That will make the tenant happy, and encourage them to come back, and tell friends.

Clean as a Whistle!

Perhaps one of the most sensitive aspects of a property, and most troublesome to get right, is its state of cleanliness, and good maintenance. Hotel Around Town have a dedicated cleaning team that operates every day of the year. This team does a full hotel standard deep clean prior to guest arrival, and deal with the necessary cleaning on checkout. This team also looks after any maintenance issues so these do not become problems.

cleaning for property managers

What a Lovely Picture!

Good property management needs good marketing, and to help that along Hotel Around Town uses a professional photography unit to get the best possible images of the property and its surroundings. These pictures and the description mentioned above are then put onto market-leading booking sites, and also onto their own booking platform.

Hotel Around Town

We offer a comprehensive package of property management


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